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adjective /pyo͝or/

pure, sheer, clean, raw, unblended

PUUR takes its name from the meaning of “pure” and our name “puur” is from the Dutch spelling of the word. Our products are pure, free of toxins, free of any ingredients that cause cancer, oils, carcinogens, SLES, SLS, MEA, TEA, sulfates, parabens, and all those terrible additives that poison our bodies. It’s our promise.

Let food be thy medicine, and medicine thy food –  Hippocrates.  If this holds true for what we put inside our bodies, then why would it not hold true for what goes on the outside?  I grew up athletic and played water polo and swim team in high school in the USA and “soccer” in West Germany.   But in my 30s I lost all focus on my health and fitness and worked, worked, worked, and tended to family.  And, therefore, around the year 2015, I had no idea how to care for myself as a man:   I was overweight, hooked on junk food, ate and drank to success in a career in high tech, and used whatever cheapest and largest size product I could find on the shelves of “big box” member stores for food and bath and body products.  LOL.  🤣

Fortunately,  I decided to change my entire life, and I mean everything about me… which began with an idea a few years earlier when I watched Joe Cross’s “Fat, Sick, and Nearly Dead.”  Joe inspired me.  I related to him.   A really successful, Australian businessman… one drink or bad ‘food” choice away from a heart attack.  

I wanted to thrive.  I wanted to be happy.   I wanted longevity.   I wanted to look and feel great….  and I was sick and tired of being ‘sick and tired.”

I quit drinking alcohol; I started reading labels, educating myself on nutrition, foods, micronutrients, macronutrients, bio-hacking, and how to change myself as a man entirely to be a BETTER version of Thomas.    If this dummy can do it, then any of you guys can, right??  😇  This then turned toward products that went on my body, hair, skin, teeth, face, etcetera.  After all, why not?    As I did more research, I learned the horrific truths of what passes for commercially acceptable men’s and women’s beauty products, and this is where I wanted to make a difference and change in the world with my small part.

At last, PUUR was born in January 2021 during a global pandemic, in my home office, and I landed on the Dutch spelling of the name as a quality brand and vision.     Our products are manufactured entirely in the State of Florida, USA with both domestic and foreign ingredients;  they’ve gone through FDA compliance, formulation strict adherence, and quality controls and assurances that our ingredients are all pure!   No parabens or sulfates that burn your scalp, your skin, your eyes;  no SLS, MEA, DEA, toxic dyes, or petrochemicals that cause cancer and harm our bodies inside and out.   We will never put these in PUUR products –  you have my personal guarantee.     I grew up in West Germany and California, and now call Kyiv, Ukraine home.

We’re designed and made for men, but we welcome women to try our products as well.   Please send me a message or leave your comments and please please please …. enjoy your PUUR products.

Much Love and Peace Everyone ❤️❤️


Thomas Knapp

PUUR Founder & Managing Partner

inspired by nature

PUUR advisors



Brand Ideation.  Mission Statement and Business Model.  Go from Idea to Action.

APRIL 2021


Market Research.   Formulation.   Branding Decision.  Brandbook and Identity. 

JULY 2021


Global Strategic Manufacturing Partnership.  Florida.  Miami HQ.  Samples. 



Website Design and Development.  Packaging for 35 SKUs.  EDI and 3PL Supply Chain Excellence.  

MAY 2022


We wanted to thank about 3,000 friends and family who believed in us. 


Global Commercial Brand Launch

PUUR Direct to Consumer in 32 Countries:   USA, Canada, Mexico, the EU, and Turkey.


Amazon Channel

PUUR Introduces its Products on Amazon in 3 countries:  USA, Canada, and Mexico


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